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Vinnie Steels One For The Future


Vinnie Steels, 16, is the new rising star of the North East and one to watch for the future. Having just signed a full-time contract with York City F.C. who currently sit 5th in the Vanarama National League North.  This accolade alone will make him one of the youngest players in the North East to sign a full term contract.


I asked Vinnie several questions which can be found in the transcript below.

 Douglas – “Firstly I would just like to say congratulations on signing a full-time contract with York City F.C. especially at your age, it’s just fantastic… and really goes to show that you’re a talented individual to have this opportunity in the first place and other opportunities such as possibility of trials with a team like Newcastle United. However I think it’s best we start this interview; my first question, which might be a bit of a silly one to ask, knowing that you’re going to be in several major newspapers in the North, but just in case for those who don’t know. What’s your name, age, and where are you from?”

 Vinnie – “ Hi, I’m Vinnie Steels I’m 16 years old and I’m from Hartlepool.”

 Douglas – “Being the Academy’s Sports photographer and seeing you and others throughout the months training at Eastbourne Sports Complex  I would like to ask you my second question which is, why did you choose this course provided by Darlington College as opposed to sports course offered by others?

Vinnie – “I chose the course at Darlington College because as a backup plan from football I wanted to do something sort of related, however at Darlington College I can do football alongside the educational side of things.”

Douglas –  “Thirdly and it’s a very cliché question to ask, but I always find them interesting nonetheless and that’s, what are your aspirations and dreams?”

Vinnie – “My dream was and has always been to become a professional footballer and that’s all I’ve been working towards since I can remember and just to be as successful as possible.”

Douglas –  “I couldn’t imagine how you must have felt been offered such an opportunity like this, but last year and I suppose a general reflection on your life up to this moment, did you expect to be to be you are today.”

Vinnie – “I didn’t expect to be where I am today as I’ve been rejected by clubs in the past and I could have easily just given up as a lot of people would do I my situation. However, I stuck with it and worked as hard as I could and I feel I deserve to be where I am today but I never expected to be.”

Douglas – “I would completely agree with you there and I’m sure your family and teammates would agree also. Just another question I would like to ask which relates to what I’ve asked you before and that’s what do you like/enjoy most about the course?”

Vinnie – “I enjoy the course because of its challenge, the support and the fact I found it really enjoyable and beneficial.”

Douglas –  “Following on from this, would you recommend this course and why?” 

Vinnie – ”I would recommend the course because the football side of things is really enjoyable plus the league that the elite team are in is a good standard and the college demand hard work from you and the tutors at Darlington College are really good to work with.”

Douglas – “A bit of a double cliché question to ask but relevant especially to students/ individuals your age: What motivates you? And what would you say to anyone that wants to achieve what you have as off today?”

Vinnie – “Success motivates me, also just doing something I love every day. What would I say to anyone that what’s to do what I have done? Is to never give up, because there will be times when people reject you, however, it’s only an opinion and everyone has one just make sure you prove them wrong.”

Douglas – “Now I’ve left this big question until last because it’s the one I think will shock the most viewers reading this and that why choose York City F.C over a side like Newcastle United?”

Vinnie – “I chose York City over the chance to go to a premier league club because I wanted to play/train with men week in and week out and I’ve worked with the gaffer(Martin) previously and we have a good understanding of each other and I know if I go to York I will do everything I can for him and work as hard as I can. ”

Douglas – “To wrap up this little interview and I would to ask you if there is anything you would like to add, may that be a shoutout or anything you have in mind?”

Vinnie – “I’d like to thank the coaches at MGFA and Martin Gray for helping me and giving me this fantastic opportunity .”

Douglas – “Thank you Vinnie for this fantastic interview, it’s rather inspiring seeing someone your age and the steps you’ve taken to reach where you are today, that being playing football at a young age, while staying focusing on your education and then, of course, going to Darlington College which has ultimately resulted in today. “


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