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Five ways to stay active and develop your football skills at home!

Even though we are staying at home at the moment, there are still lots of ways to keep active and practice our skills. Its great for our health, fitness, and making us feel good!

Here are five skills you can practice while you are at home. Don’t forget you need to get permission from your adult before hand, so they can make sure you are in a safe and suitable area to play!


1. Dribbling Skills 

Practicing your dribbling is great for building skills and improving your technique and fitness.

All you need is a ball and an object or two.

Keep the ball close to your feet and work your way around your objects.

Try different variations and dribbling through different directions.

Why not try leaving the ball with your object and sprinting to it before dribbling it back again.



2. Passing

If you have someone to practice with that’s great, but if not all you need is a suitable wall or something to bounce the ball off. ( Don’t forget to ask permission before you do this)

Practice stopping the ball first, then passing back.

Practice passing the ball on the first hit and trying to keep the ball accurate when passing back.


3. Keep Ups

Practice keeping up skills – Keep the ball close to your body and feet for control.

Why not try walking at the same time as doing your keep ups.

Build your skills and practice using your knee to keep the ball up!

4. Passing challenge with a partner

You need two footballs for this!

Place one ball between you and your partner, then take turns kicking the other ball towards it and trying to hit it. This is great for working on your precision too!

Make it more difficult by standing further apart – You could even make it into a competition!

5. Foot taps – See how many foot taps you can do on the ball in 30 seconds!

Keep the ball in front of you and see how many toe taps you can do with each foot. Keep the ball as still as you can when tapping it.

Increase the difficult by speeding up the toe taps up or alternating feet!

Is the weather bad? Or if you haven’t got a football or space to safely use one, why not try using a balloon to practice with! Remember to always ask permission before practicing indoors.


Have fun practicing your skills. We would love to know how you get on!