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Meet the Coach – Nathan Beadle

Can you tell us about how you came to be part of the MGFA team?

I worked with the Academy in my role as a teaching assistant and realised I’d love to work with the company and staff much closer, so I came on board almost two years ago. I had around three weeks in ‘normal’ times until the nation went into a national pandemic, the next year was certainly interesting.

Can you tell us a bit more about your career journey and experiences so far?

When I was 16, I set up an outdoor education company and ran that for four years before working in a school. I spent the next eight years working in a school, leading in PE and assisting/covering teachers. I also work in non-league football, over the years I have been part of the backroom staff, managing at times, at Durham City, Darlington Town, Durham FC and Washington FC, where I am currently working as Assistant Manager. I am also Chairman and Head Coach of FC Darlington Locomotives, an all-girls football club run from Eastbourne Sports Complex

How do you prepare for work in the sector?

I am a very structured person, so I need everything in timetables and in an order that works well for me. I ensure all my lessons and sessions are planned well in advance and adapted/evaluated regularly for all students.

What do you enjoy most about being an MGFA Coach?

It’s similar to working in a football changing room in some aspects, the banter is always flying. You know the people around will surround you when you need it the most and we work incredibly well together as a team. Everyone has experienced lots of different things in life, which we put into our work and this ensures as a business¬†we’re the best around.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Hobbies, interests?

Football is the very simple answer, four nights a week I am out coaching, rarely when I get the chance I’ll play. In my free time I’ll get out and explore places with my girlfriend. Travelling would be my biggest hobby outside football, I love seeing new places and increasing my knowledge of places.

What team do you support?

I’m from the North-East so there’s only two teams in my eyes you should support. Newcastle United and whoever is playing Sunderland.

Favourite food?

I’m a food snob so anything fresh gets my vote, if it comes out of a freezer then don’t offer it to me. However, Some sort of pasta prawny dish would be my choice.